ChiC and we know it!

About us

Change is Coming (ChiC) is driven by enthusiastic volunteers looking to inspire change through creative and collaborative action.

ChiC started life as an awareness-raising site back in 2006 PAIC (Pre 'An Inconveniant Truth'). From early on, ChiC's main project has been - an open mapping and accountability tool that looks to compile environmental activity and policy in a new and creative way.

Over the coming few months, ChiC will be looking to life beyond geeky wikis (in practise, though never in spirit), with a focus on developing Copyleft Campaigns.

You can find information about our mission, vision and values below. However, we'd prefer to be known by what we've done, rather than our ability to talk ourselves up.

ChiC mission

To encourage recognition of the power and responsibility of individuals in responding to and instigating change through creative and collaborative action. The way to kick-start this action is easy: meet people, share ideas, and identify what you can to support each other (with as few resources as possible).

ChiC vision

A world where people have a clear and full understanding of the social and environmental impacts of their voting, spending, and other consumer decisions.

ChiC values

Individual Action

We believe that people have more personal power to affect change than is often acknowledged through what they chose, consume and vote for.


We believe in the strength of collaboration; that exchanging ideas and resources by harnessing effective technology brings access to new networks and publics, uncovers areas of commonality and shared goals, and allows for mutual support and identification of best practices.


We believe that effective and long lasting change is best sought through innovative, multi-disciplined and experimental ways of thinking, acting and adapting.


We believe that only through clear, honest and considerate argument, with full explanations for all assumptions made, will the urgent case for change be understood.


We believe in the importance of acknowledging both the scale of the challenges we face and the shortage of solutions we currently have, but also that empathy and flexibility are crucial for engaging those who struggle to take their first steps towards new ways of living.

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