Where are we now?

The December 2010 Copenhagen COP 15 talks were a let-down. Even for those who called its inevitable failure months in advance didn't think it would be this bad. One immediate reaction was, somewhat amazingly, one of renewed vigour and solidarity in the realisation that "if we don't do it, no one will"). Admittedly, equally as strong was the sense of overwhelming exhaustion; the desire to sleep away all traces of dissapointing anti-climax and wake up in a carbon-free land far far away.

Yet more was still to come. Despite best efforts to protect its future stability, nature appeared not to share a like-minded solidarity with climate activists. Instead December saw the UK thrust into 'the coldest winter in 30 years', and a sudden (and frustratingly irrational) throw-back to a PAIC level of denial so extreme that even the most basic arguments for climate action seem to need reasserting (and reasserting and reasserting...).

We need new ways of dealing with this. Details of what we think these new ways could look like will be coming soon. In the meantime, we've left our rather outdated (but heavily disclaimered) facts and predictions online for reference.