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Keep Your Coins November / December 2009

Oh, My Green Soapbox - Edinburgh, August 2009

Compass Youth

Put People First - 28th March


Keep Your Coins, We Want Change! - Nov-Dec 2009

Set up in the lead up to the Wave demonstration and COP 15, Keep Your Coins was a call out for buskers and street performers to take to the streets. Instead of asking for money, we asked our performers to instead raise awareness about climate change, and what actions could be taken in the lead up to the global negotiations. As it was thought up and enacted within a few weeks, it was only an experiment. The plan is to repeat it at a later date.

Green Soapbox - Aug 2009

Accompanying the theatre piece, "Oh, My Green Soapbox", we and our resident polar bear took to the streets of Edinburgh (in amongst the budding Fringe thesps) to find out what people think of green issues, and what they consider their 'green confessions' to be. Definitely something to be repeated. Preferably with less rain.


Compass Youth sees ChiC - Oct 2009

In a noisy balcony bar in Central London, Compass Youth activists gathered to learn more about communicating climate change within the context of the recession and its impact on young people. Part of the SWaP your Story series.


The Wave - Dec 2009

More than 50,000 people came together to demand action on climate change on Saturday 5th Dec at The Wave, the biggest climate change march in the world ever! We called for the Government to take much more urgent and effective action on climate change. Read more...

Put People First - March-Nov 2009

On 28 March 2009 35000 people marched through London as part of a global campaign to challenge the G20 to consider jobs, justice and climate by putting people first.
Read the Put People First reaction to the London summit or visit the Put People First website for more information.