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Copyleft Campaigns

Past 'copyleft' campaigns:

Keep your coins, we want change!

Keep your coins, we want change!

Set up in the lead up to the Wave demonstration and COP 15, Keep Your Coins was a call out for buskers and street performers to take to the streets. Instead of asking for money, we asked our performers to instead raise awareness about climate change, and what actions could be taken in the lead up to the global negotiations. As it was thought up and enacted within a few weeks, it was only an experiment. The plan is to repeat it at a later date.

Green Soapbox / Green Confessions

Keep your coins, we want change!

Accompanying the theatre piece,
"Oh, My Green Soapbox", we and our resident polar bear took to the streets of Edinburgh (in amongst the budding Fringe thesps) to find out what people think of green issues, and what they consider their 'green confessions' to be. Definitely something to be repeated. Preferably with less rain.

Copyleft Campaigns

The idea behind Copyleft Campaigns came out of the reasoning that,
as a small organisation, we are unlikely to have the resources to carry out our
ideas to their full potential.

So instead of spending time and resources trying to, we look to try out campaigns and stunts on a small-scale, and share our experiences and results for others to develop further.

The "copyleft" nature simply means that the strategies and ideas are free for anyone to adapt and mutate, so long as they in turn always allow others to do the same. Social media geeks, think of it as #copyleftcampaigns.

A campaign could be considered a "Copyleft Campaign" when:

  • Anyone can join

  • The 'brand' is the campaign idea, and not the organisation or initiative behind it

  • Once your campaign has run its course, you're happy for someone else to take the idea and run with it. (Just so long as they don't try and claim it's theirs either!)
We hope to are still in the early days in figuring out exactly what we mean by 'Copyleft Campaigns', but we hope you get the general idea.