Future outlook

Instead of just providing facts, we are looking at the ways in which to bring the information together into clear arguments. We know that this will not appeal to everyone.
However, for those that it does convince, we hope that it will convince them absolutely. Or at least specify the bit they don't agree with.

We are keen to work with others on this, so if you share our geek-love for argument and logic, get in touch and find out how you can help.

In the meantime, rather than remove it all, we have left the old area of the site as it was. Feel free to take it as a (rather out of date) starting point:

The following content is old and should be treated with some suspicion

Predicted change in climate:

Predicted effects of climate change on our environment:

Europe and the U.K.


Sources: Friends of the Earth, Wikipedia, Christian Aid, Climate hotmap.org