Your carbon footprint

Domestic emissions

Included in the term "domestic emissions" is much of what we take for granted - the heating of our house, the power for our cooking and the electricity for the appliances that we just can't live without.

How to calculate your emissions from your utilities bill

1. It should say on your bill how much electricity or gas you have used in the billed period. If not, subtract the previous reading from the most recent one to get the figure.

2. Multiply this by the conversion factor from the table below to see the resulting emissions in kilogrammes of CO2. One tonne is 1,000 kilogrammes, so divide by 1,000 if you want to compare to tonnes of CO2.

Energy value Conversion factor
(to kg of CO2
kWh mains electricity 0.43
kWh natural gas 0.19
therms natural gas 5.43

For example:

10 kWh of mains electricity:
10 x 0.43 = 4.3 kg CO2
250 kWh of natural gas:
250 x 0.19 = 47.5 kg CO2
30 therms of natural gas:
30 x 5.43 = 162.9 kg or 0.163 tonnes CO2